We are very happy for the success of This great musical concert, “REVELATIONAL MUSICAL CONCERT”. Indeed just as the name is,it was actually a program where God’s own people revealed the person of Jesus Christ in them through music.

The program started with a time of prayer by the intercessor leader of Full Gospel Akwa assembly followed by hop praise being led by Danielle Mbock of Full Gospel church Diedo Assembly which lead into a moment of true ,anointed and pure worship.The angelic Girls took the lead with a powerful ministration that led to a flow of continues worship.A word of exaltation on music was done by Pastor Ahamefule Okechukwu of Full Gospel church KM5 assembly.This directly lead to the exposure of great ministration by Prophet Fossong Gyress followed by Chantre Parfait who ministered with all His heart.
There was a moment of offering lead by sister Marie Kasier who activated the hall again with great praise songs.Now just after the offerings,Le Groupe Germoh made up of Prosper Germoh and Zenobia Germoh powerful multi award winning and talented Cameroonian gospel music ministers with their backups and instrumentalist took people to the throne of God with powerful spirit filled soul touching songs of hope full of lyrical biblical words.This was the kind of David’s praise and worship that causedf the heavens to kiss the earth.

Immediately after them,came Paul Alexis another great singer followed by Brother Malachi of Winners Chapel followed by Tubal ho to people to the throne with rape gospel closing with Marie Kasier.

The closing remark was made by Rwev. Ngwomeh Babisco,one of the senoir pastors in Full Gospel who gave a powerful remarks of the program followed by a word of prayer.

The program was indeed a success because many gave their live to the Lord and all that where there was blessed fellowshiping with God in person.The attendance was 1758 adults and there was a good climate ……Glory to Jesus.

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