Talking about Cameroon gospel music industry,we need urgent solutions as to gain our grounds in the world market.Read on as we bring to you the problems,causes and solutions to the slow nature of Cameroon gospel music.

The gospel music industry in Cameroon is quite an inspirational one. Cameroonians Christians praise and worship God with dancing, singing and clapping basically every day…In fact ,they do these all the times  and most especially at their worship periods not forgetting weekends. Most often, when Cameroonians have meet  the Lord at their altar of prayer, it is accompanied by great music. The main brands of Cameroonian music listened to or danced to, are Mokossa, High Life,Country,Classical,Christian Rock,Rap,Bikutsi and many others. As a result, the Christian Rap,Rock, Hip Hop and R&B artists who are trying to make themselves known are still in the shadows and not celebrated or their ministry feld by Cameroonians making them spend time consuming more of Nigeria Music product than theirs.

In the Christian circle in Cameroon like Bible Believing Churches,there are great music talents but they are yet to be exploited and I pray that God give us grounds to demonstrate our callings as to bless lives in and out of Cameroon.The Christian music in Cameroon as I can say is rich as it’s Biblical oriented and natural without mixtures.You can check out our collections.God has indeed blessed Cameroon with inspirational songs that the world needs to get in touch with as to increase her quality of worshiping the Lord most High. Many talented and anointed gospel singers in Cameroon are rejected and ignored by Her citizens especially the church that ought to be a source of exposure to these young ministers since they are pursuing a common goal which is praising,worshiping and serving God out of a pure heart.For example,an artist will even beg a pastor for some few minutes of His serves so that He can make known to God’s people what God has put in Him there by blessing lives,the pastor will talk of ”Lack of time,denominational barrier,tribalism,or even taking the money His Christians would have given Him during ministration and all sorts of complains there by frustrating these young ministers.Some will even come out with their CDs without even getting half of what they spend in the process because people will pirate the CDs and sell blocking their own way.

  Many ministers in Cameroon have ignored the music ministry saying it’s a cheap ministry that anyone can become a king in it forgetting that there were many musicians in the Bible but there where only few Davids.Music ministry needs money to succeed so,men of God should understand this and promote these young ministers so that God will be happy with our country.Let’s be like the disciples in Acts 2 who worked for the interest of others sharing together.These young musicians can’t get support from night clubs and ungodly places so they need you men of God to get expose as to use the platform to minister remember there was a need for Christ to gather multitude before ministry.Please gather these young ministers let’s support each other accomplish the calling.

Cameroon ministers,let’s take example of  a simple case study around us without denominational barriers,”Pastor Christ  Oyakhilome D.Sc.,D.D” who understood that the gospel music ministry can succeed faster if men of God stand by the artist as they are Their children. He stood and is still standing by many gospel musicians across Africa and today you can see result of raising great world gospel ministers like,Sinach,Joe Praize,Frank Edward,Ada,Eben, just to name the few and we are the first to celebrate and celebrate and even forget our names,their callings while we have treasures under us left uncultivated.Cameroon let’s cultivate the goal in the churches so as to have the silver.If you are only interested in the silver ,the goal will be wasted and you’ll remain poor and small.Pastor Chris that stood by these people did He failed in His ministry because He wasted money,time and other things on them,no rather He has grew greater…

If we stand by these ministers,our ministry will even grow faster yielding more fruits.Don’t forget these children are singing the same words they hear from you why can’t you stand by them if not for any thing but that your messages remain live in people’s mouths in songs.A wise man Knows that giving is a wise way of growing to overflow.Let’s repent and stand by these young song ministers so that God’s word be made manifest through music even in the days come.

Also,remember that, many young artists want to be known at the international level despite the fact that they are not known at the national level no matter the reason.If we keep looking at the limitations,then we keep killing because I don’t think you’ll desire that they sing for the devil.So if they are doing it for God,let’s stand by them for the gospel’s sake.There is nothing like fake Satan but we spend time looking for the fake Christians and ending up not standing by even the genuine ones and God is weeping.

I studied that, ”when you get to work in a bank,they take time to show you the good notes not the bad note because if you know the real and good note,when the wrong one gets to your hands,you’ll easily recognize.This is because lots of fake notes are been produced every day and so if you spend time studding but the fake note,you’ll end up accomplishing nothing and that’s the state of Cameroon.We spend time judging that proving solutions there by killing even the solutions around us.Let’s stand by these ministers irrespective of their backgrounds,etc so that our Lord would be made known through music .

On the artists their site,As an observer passionate about music, I don‘t see how it is possible to go world wide without blessing or starting from your Jerusalem. If anything, I think despite the fact that it is difficult to get produced; some budding artists are part of the problem in trying to over dream of suddenly going international without any National recognition.Let’s first use our talents to bless the lives around us before thinking of traveling for ministry.It’s good to think big but it’s better to think in context.Some singers will want to be paid for singing in their church which to me is demonic.Let’s use our talents to serve first God before anything.We are but stewards and will give an account of how you handled the call of God in your life.Let’s not be money minded,rather,let’s be ministry minded.Ministry first before anything.Let’s start blessing lives from our surroundings.

Another issue with musicians in Cameroon is the issue of Pride.Remember that God resist the proud and give grace to the humble.Pride goes before a fall while humility goes before honor.We don’t learn to celebrate and respect one another.We feel too big as think we are already on the throne making mockery of our God.Cameroon musicians,let’s stop pride so that we can move forward for grace is reserved for the humble.Learn to cheer and celebrate one another even if you can do better for you alone can’t sing the whole Bible or minister God’s word alone to all humans race.Let’s team up together having one mind and focus as we have a common goal serving one master despite the genre of music.

Cameroon gospel artists too don’t prepare before getting into the industry,they just want to rush managing everything.It is a fact, if you never knew or thought of it, that most music producers in Cameroon do not produce musicians. Not because they do not find young talented budding artists, but simply because producers cannot afford to pay for the recording of their albums. As a result those true talents who cannot be produced or do not have the means to sponsor their own music end up not being known. In some instances, even though  few who try to produce themselves and pay for their albums to be recorded don’t even know how to go about marketing their product. Hence the lack of success in the Cameroon Music scene.

Cameroon musicians know this,you must prepare to promote too your music put it on many media,online shopes,websites,mixtapes,magazines,news papers,radio,TV,and more because you can’t be dreaming to reach out to many out there without using the tools needed.People visit websites,blogs,media, online stores like iTunes,Deezer,Amazon,Spotoify,iheart radio,Dark mp3,Blue mp3,Tidal,Yandex,and more.Get your music there.Don’t sit and wait for a miracle of greatness without sowing,remember,Genesis 8:22 most be fulfill in all aspects.Pastor Chris does not put his children’s songs on platforms but they do so.Make yourself a blessing if you need a blessing.If you’re not ready to marry,don’t get a wife but if you are ready,then get one.So if you are not ready to go to the end in your music career,then don’t start.Use your money to promote your music.

Cameroon gospel  have a lot to offer so far as music is concern but the push is not there. Even the Ministry of Culture gives a deaf ear to all that is happening…one main reason why most music albums produced end up being listened to only by the producer, the musician and probably his friends and family members, How then can Cameroon grow in the domain of music when even at home we cannot sell our own music to Cameroonians? A saying goes that…”Charity begins at home”…but from my perspective, it isn’t the case in the Cameroonian music industry. In Cameroon Charity does not begin at home. We the citizens don’t even promote our own people.You can sow in a musician’s life because He has put more for the success of that project.You must not only buy because you have a DVD,you can buy just to support them even give to your friends.You can enter to Youtube,other media and share Cameroon gospel music to your friends just to promote them.You can download it on your phones just to promote them.

N/B:  Cameroon gospel artists,you need platforms like us cgmusicltd to put your music on more than 70 online stores which you can not do yourself because most of these stores don’t deal with individuals,So,the first step is to register with us and send your music so that we can put it on all the available online platforms for marketing.You can contact us by email: or through our contact page on this website you are reading this article.A word to a wise is enough.

Let’s make our country a place for real gospel visitors and a place for the healing of the earth.The earth is make up of approximately,7.7 Billions people and if we apply these things,we will reach all these people with our music for the glory of the creator.Stay blessed as we look forward for solutions.

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