Come on everybody,people from every tribe, tongue and nations, it’s time to give God some praise, is there anyone in the house who have a joyful song?, come on, praise the Lord, oh my soul……

(-What a mighty God we serve,
-Jehovah is the mighty God we serve,
-who is like unto thee,
-great is thy faithfulness,
-you alone my strength and my shield)2x

Chorus 1(My soul magnify the Lord, and my spirit glorify his name) 2x

Chorus 2(You are awesome,Lord you are awesome, you are awesome and wonderful)2x

Sing my soul..

Chorus 1(2x)
Chorus 2(2x)

You are awesome, awesome.
-I love you Lord with all my heart, my body soul and my mind, no one else can compare to you, hallelujah
-Jesus the lamb of God, worthy is your name, awesome creator in you I have my being, sweet Jesus how wonderful you are, my great redeemer how awesome you are,
-you are greater than the greatest
-you are higher than the highest
-you are brighter than the morning star

Chorus 1(2x)
Chorus 2(2x)

-My grace amplifier, awesome
-my debts reliever, awesome
-my great physician, awesome
-you are my protector,awesome
-you are my provider, awesome
-you are my redeemer, awesome
-you are my deliverer, awesome
-mighty man in battle,awesome, Lord you are,

Chorus 2(2x)

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