• ARISE AND SHINE:send 600237 to 8706 through SMS
  • LE FILS DE DIEU:send 600236 to 8706 through SMS
  • DANCE IN THE HOLY GHOST:send 600238 to 8706 through SMS
  • EXALT HIM:send 600239 to 8706 through SMS
  • LE NOM DE JÉSUS:send 600240 to 8706 through SMS
  • PERSONNE NE COMME TOI:send 600241 to 8706 through SMS

send the code of your choice song through SMS to this number (8706)

 as to make the song your caller tune rather than worldly music

Also help to share to your friends as your own support to me.Shalom

. . . Prosper is also a great book writer inspired by the Lord with one of his books titled” RAPTURE FOCUSED” serving in changing many lives across Africa territory as it cause them to focus more on God and his coming. He also has created many social medias for the purpose of ministering God’ s word for soul winning and discipleship.

Prosper Germoh Evangelist